AI Observability is proactive monitoring of your AI apps and cloud infra they run on to understand how to make them work better

Built for Generative AI

Okahu is built specifically for observing AI workloads with generative capabilities that use components such as OpenAI, Langchain, Nvidia Triton, Microsoft Azure and more. This means simpler onboarding, more automated discovery, and more relevant insights for improving your AI workload.

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Observe your AI

Get a complete picture from observing all of the components of your AI workload from a single place. Okahu automatically correlates observations across different components to create a unified understanding. No custom integration or tedious log analysis required.

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Understand your AI 

Identify components of your AI app and understand how they work together. Okahu discovers new components from observing its interactions with a known component to iteratively and automatically create a wholistic understanding. No outdated or tedious documentation required.  

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Improve your AI

Quickly identify issues, options to resolve these issues and potential impacts of these options. Okahu analyzes observations to make reccomendations based on predicted impacts of changes to the model, app code or cloud infra they run on. No tedious log or ad-hoc analysis required.

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See the big picture

Organize your AI workload based on how your team works and what your goals are. Okahu analyzes observations, generates insights and recommends actions that align with your team and goals. Changes to organization of your AI workload in Okahu, automatically realigns the analysis going forward. No post-hoc analysis required to make FinOps or DevOps actionable.

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